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Upper West Side

New York City apartment seekers are drawn to the upper west side by its everlasting charm. Often seen as the 'little brother' to the Upper East Side, this neighborhood offers a variety of living options. The distinct traits of the avenues are a great depiction of the diverse members of the community. Luxury high-rises are still being constructed, but modern spaces with tremendous views are not all this neighborhood has to offer. The century old brownstones of the Upper West Side showcase the all American neighborhood in the big city. Central Park West is home to some of the most prestigious and properties in Manhattan. The American Museum of Natural History is popular with both residents and tourists, but doesn't disrupt the calmness of the neighborhood. The cultural experience can continue with other venues from The Met to Columbia University. The completion of the Time Warner Center only added to the high-end shops and restaurants found near Columbus Circle. Broadway is the commerce hub of the Upper West Side. Both big name vendors as well as the areas own distinct shops line the street, providing the community with all the conveniences it may need. The commute to and from this neighborhood is a key. The subway runs under Broadway (trains 1,2,3) as well as Central Park West (trains A,C,B,D) giving great access to the whole city. From 72nd street you can step out in the middle of Times Square in less than 10 minutes!!

Historical Architecture

Apartment buildings have been a key to the successful gentrification of the Upper West Side. In the late 19th century hotels, vacant lots, and lower class housing dominated the area, but thanks to ambitious development projects along Central Park West and Riverside Drive, more families and professionals began to take up residence on the Upper West Side. The introduction of wealthier residents prompted the construction of the brownstones and pre-war mid-rise buildings still blanketing the Upper West Side today. In addition, the ease of the commute to lower Manhattan, with the installation of the country's first subway line, in 1904, made the area even more appealing. The Upper West Side had lost its luster by the 1950s. However, many run down buildings were demolished to make room for the construction of Lincoln Center. Since then artists, writers, and young families have been staples of the community as it has once again gained popularity.

Upper West Side Buildings
  Building min max avg
48 West 68th Street $0 $5000 $2198
1 Columbus Place $0 $7700 $1464
Concerto $0 $8500 $2328
South Park Tower $0 $8900 $2162
West End Towers $0 $5950 $1954
The Grand Tier $0 $28665 $5717
The Regent $0 $8000 $2346
351 West 76th Street $2300 $2300 $2300
55 West 84th Street $0 $2750 $1375
76 West 85th Street $0 $3900 $1905