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Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is bounded by the Upper West Side to the south, Morningside Park to the east, Harlem to the north, and Riverside Park to the west. The streets that form its boundaries are 110th Street on the south, Riverside Drive on the west, 125th Street on the north, and Morningside Drive to the east. The main thoroughfare is Broadway. With the recent gentrification of Bloomingdale, the neighborhood immediately to the south of Morningside Heights, the southern boundary of this region is sometimes stretched to 106th Street and at times even 96th Street.

Historical Architecture

Many apartment buildings and rowhouses, amongst the first to use elevators in residential buildings, were built for New York's prosperous middle class in the first two decades of the twentieth century and most of these buildings are still extant.

Morningside Heights Buildings
  Building min max avg
509 West 110th Street $2550 $2900 $2725
515 West 110th Street $0 $3295 $1932
360 West 119th Street $0 $2700 $1469
2294 Frederick Douglass Blvd. $0 $2250 $646
315 West 116th Street $0 $0 $0
312 West 116th Street $0 $2000 $1000
412 West 110th Street $0 $5995 $3212
260 Convent Avenue $0 $2600 $648
41-47 St. Nicholas Terrace $0 $2200 $373
53 Hamilton Terrace $0 $3300 $1033