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Long Island City

Long Island City is the westernmost neighborhood of the borough of Queens in New York City. It is bounded on the north by the Queens neighborhood of Astoria; on the west by the East River; on the east by Hazen Street, 31st Street, and New Calvary Cemetery. It gives access to the Queensboro (59th Street) bridge, which is the only non-toll route to New York City from Queens.

Historical Architecture

Long Island City was a city in the 1800s and was a cluster of areas such as Steinway and Sunnyside until 1898. The city's independence was surrendered in 1898 to became part of the Greater New York City area. The former city has now modernized, turning factories and bakeries into studios for arts and media, while also advancing in technology. The once Silvercup Bakery is now home to the Silvercup Studios, which produced the television sensational - The Sopranos.

Long Island City Buildings
  Building min max avg
East Coast $0 $3895 $491
4610 Center Boulevard $2275 $6680 $3228
4705 Center Boulevard $975 $5150 $3472
4545 Center Boulevard $2325 $6000 $4295
Linc LIC $2295 $5900 $3264
4615 Center Boulevard $2395 $5290 $3316
4540 Center Blvd $875 $5090 $2922
4720 Center Boulevard $2275 $7195 $3333
41-17 Crescent St $2445 $4500 $3022
47-45 Vernon Boulevard $4900 $4900 $4900